Strong points

Over the years, a lot of confidence was placed in the potential at disposal, with heavy investment of resources to make the words “innovation” and “flexibility” the cornerstones of a less uncertain future.

Hence, in recent years, we have concentrated our efforts on developing and concretizing a degree of automation in the production cycle which, until only a short time ago would have been considered unthinkable for a mould manufacturing company.

All this was later completed by the use of a supervisory program which ensures smooth order management, thereby precisely and promptly catering to the increasingly more discerning requirements of our customer base and quality system. Coping with the situation today does not only mean having at disposal the latest technological breakthroughs, but also having the ability to recognize what each individual customer is seeking.

That is why we have made flexibility our major strong point.

Rapid cost-estimate feedback, both as regards new and modified moulds.