Mould design

Successful product manufacture starts with correct design. Hence our willingness to relate our experience to that of the customer. We avail ourselves of tools which are crucial for achieving this goal, using parametric cad/cam stations updated with the latest releases and compatible with all the systems used by the end customer.

We look after the complete design of all the parts of the 3D mould with the drawing up of the assembly and parts tables, complete with cooling diagrams, mould wiring and hydraulic diagrams, lists of materials and standard parts for the manufacture of the mould itself.

  • 1  cad NX Siemens station
  • 2  cam WrkNC 3+2 stations
  • 2 Autodesk Power Mill 3+2 stations
  • 1 Autodesk Power Mill 5-axes station with simulation program for the full control of machine collisions.
  • Vero – WorkPlane control software – for the full control of the order production phase