Multi-cavity mould manufacture for medical area

The experience gained over the years, the degree of precision and repeatability reached on our pieces, also thanks to the use of next-generation machines and technologies increasingly performing and last but not least the satisfaction of our customers, encourage us with confidence towards the construction of multicavity moulds, where request productivity performances are definitely a challenge which is daily updating.

And that’s why we became to all effects a support for our customers, following and sustaining them with technical choices that go through the engineering of the product, to the analysis of the feasibility, to the choice of hot injection channels, to the analysis of filling, to the study of cycle time, up to the study-realization of the holding hand of the robot for the extraction phase, concluding with the test of the mould itself. All of that by taking advantage of a team of qualified technician, both internal and external, but remaining as the only referring for the customer.

Inside the moulds we built, we used various kinds of injection systems, starting from the simplest ones with hot sprue powered by single nozzle, with a third plate, with shutter systems on the workpiece or on the sprue, till, if possible, the use of lateral injection systems on the workpiece with hot nozzle.

Furthermore, we propose ourselves as potential builder of hot-half, in accordance with the customer and the supplier of the injection system.

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